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The Oakley Way...

Oakley is committed to the total development of students’ minds, hearts, and bodies. Yet first and foremost, we work diligently to maintain a reputation for academic excellence. Our rigorous, mission-centred curriculum develops intellectual and cultural competence, emphasizing creative problem-solving and experiential learning. Highly trained faculty, uphold the high standards we have aimed for. Small class sizes, with an average teacher-student ratio of 1:9, allow teachers to be attuned to the needs of individual students, with particular attention paid to the transitions between grades.

Our academic program is organized around three academic divisions –

                             GENIUS FACTORY (Nursery & Kindergarten),

                         OAKLEY – PRIMARY (grades one through five)

                         OAKLEY -CHAMPS (grades six through eight)

and The faculty, staff, and directors of Oakley school provide a strong continuum of education in a culture that supports students through transitions between divisions and for new students.  

Our high standards deliver high outcomes. We assure that students in every grade level consistently score above the national average.


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