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OAKLEY is a dynamic, intercultural learning environment, welcoming students of all backgrounds and ages. We take pride in the fact that our students and staff come from all corners of the world.

OAKLEY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL offers the CBSE continuum for the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme and the High school

Students also excel outside the classroom, competing in various sports tournaments and expanding their talents in visual and performing arts.

At OAKLEY, our programs, our policies and our purpose are united in the shared values that put our students at the center of everything we do. As builders of an internationally-minded community, our faculty and staff strive to inspire and motivate every student while ensuring high academic challenge, the innovative use of technology, and a committed focus on the social, moral and emotional well-being of every child in our care. We forge strong partnerships with parents to create a learning environment, in which students respect and embrace an ever-growing, interconnected global society and to recognize the value of service to others

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Grades 1-5

Grades 6-8

The Middle School Wing of OAKLEY provides a caring and inspiring educational environment in which Every student of OAKLEY is encouraged to discover the joy of learning. Interdisciplinary methods of teaching and learning traditional core subjects such as English, math, science, and Social are stressed. Teachers in this division work together, in a flexible schedule, and collaborate on lesson plans to ensure that each day is filled with discovery and adventure in learning


Oakley’s research-based kindergarten prep program has been carefully designed to meet children’s unique needs while preparing them for elementary school.

Program highlights include:


  • Teachers equipped with skills achieved through- Oakley’s Unique training program-SUPER TEACHER will help children to reach developmental and academic milestones assigned as per the curriculum.

  • Active Learning Methodology (ALM) based on Creative, hands-on, and project-based learning

  • Support for core pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific investigation through exclusive signature programs of OAKLEY

  • Multiple and diverse learning activities that ensure children thrive in all areas of development

  • Focus on the understanding of teamwork and positive self-image through OAKLEY-LIFE SKILLS programme.

  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines

  • Early STEM learning that encourages future-forward skills

  • Wonder Stations of OAKLEY: Real tools and materials to tinker, construct, and create


Primary School experts of Oakley Team have created a vibrant curriculum that channels the curiosity of our students to bring them to school each day.

In each grade students acquire a broad base of knowledge along with age appropriate academic skills.

Faculty devoted to high standards, state-of-the-art resources, outstanding curriculum and an enthusiastic learning community have resulted in many distinctive programs that make OAKLEY unique among all the schools of its kind. These OAKLEY Signature Programs epitomize OAKLEY’S dedication to academic excellence while fulfilling its mission to challenge students to develop academically, physically and socially. They learn specific content; learn how to think about what they have learned; and learn how to apply what they have learned in new situations.

Grades 6-8

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