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Genius Factory 




Starting in kindergarten, the academic world opens up to reveal its many wonders: The kindergarten rooms at Oakley International School burst with energy and enthusiasm. Remarkably, The Oakley team has  created a curriculum which taps into the inner drive for understanding as well as the deep need for creativity and meaningful social engagement.

Oakley is probably the only school in the region  applying the Montessori philosophy in an educational program for 2-5 year-olds. 

We provide a positive, stimulating introduction to classroom education in a private school setting for students in Genius Factory -Toddler program of OAKLEY and students from age 3 to 5, are offered both full- and half-day sessions. Children learn the Montessori philosophy of order, independence, concentration and coordination, gradually moving from the concrete to the abstract.

Peaceful toddler classrooms are rich in materials that naturally stimulate explorative learning. During this sensitive developmental stage when the child is absorbing information at an exponential rate, the carefully prepared environment – furniture, learning activities, relationships and routines – help the child reach his or her fullest potential.

The OAKLEY’S  distinctive KG-prep program  addresses the three primary developmental areas for a child around the age 3 and provides objects, environment and class rooms which are required to develop those skill areas.

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